What is a trust anchor?

Trust anchors are partners that provide certification services in the Ontology ecosystem. They may be government agencies, universities, banks, third-party certification service organizations (such as CA), biometric technology companies, etc. These companies provide multi-dimensional authentication for ONT ID owners and record authentication activity and result hash, thereby reaching service demands of the user while using a standardized, trusted way to authenticate.

How to use Trust Anchor Connector

Trust Anchor Connector (also TAConnector) is a technology access component that helps trust anchors quickly access the Ontology trust ecosystem.

Working principle

Access rules

As an Ontology trust anchor, in addition to technical access, compliance with the following terms is not limited to the following:

  • The trust anchor cannot retain any user data without corresponding qualifications or user permissions.
  • The trust anchor publishes on its official website that it will be an Ontology authentication service provider and specifies its registered ONT ID.
  • The trust anchor should guarantee the accuracy and authenticity of its user information. The Ontology team is not responsible for authenticity information submitted by the trust anchor. If user information is false or incomplete, resulting in the validity of the relevant legal documents, the Ontology team is not responsible, and the responsibility is borne by the trust anchor itself to its users or third parties.
  • The trust anchor has the ability of identity identification and authentication management configuration. The principle requirements are as follows. The index requirements can be specified by Party A according to specific service requirements.
  • Hardware and network facilities with identification and authentication requirements;
  • Have certain security protection standards;
  • Deploy identity and authentication management software, and Ontology will open source standard software code;
  • Based on the identification and authentication management process, trust anchors will provide verifiable claim services including: 1. Issuing verifiable claims; 2. Revoking verifiable claims; 3. Official domain name/URL verification services.